Eve S. – New York, USA

January 03, 2007
Itinerary: Private Western Anatolia Tour

Rina, Thanks for a fabulous tour. I hope your move goes well and if we come in April I will email you. Thanks again, you did a great job. Everything was wonderful from Erol to hotels, sights, food, etc. Eve

Ruth B. – Georgia, USA

January 03, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored and Private Western Anatolia Tour

Hello Rina,
It was so good meeting you in Istanbul. We all really had a wonderful time on the trip. Thanks for your help.
Ruth B.

Kathy W. & Lenora B. – Ontario, Canada

January 08, 2007
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,
Thank you you so much for the wonderful vacation arrangements. I've been travelling for a good thirty years and my trip to Turkey was the best holiday that I've ever had!
So much of our western history and culture and yes even religion is founded in the history of Turkey What makes it so exciting is that besides that historical, cultural link there is another culture and religion superimposed upon the former.
We would like to take another holiday to Turkey in 2008 maybe early in the year but definitely planning same. Are you resettled yet at the Mediterranean? If so and you have your itineraries planned we would love to have the info. My sister will coming next time too as I have her quite wound up about all aspects about the trip.
Happy New Year and look forward to hearing from you!
Kathy W.

Jim & Andree C. – UK

January 15, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul Hotel and Tour Package

Dear Rina,
On behalf of my wife Andree and myself I would like to thank you, Bulent Aslan and his driver, and your company, Insight Travel, for the great time we had recently in Istanbul. Everything was great; the airport/hotel pickups; the Accura Hotel; and the two days of tours with Bulent were all faultless.
We only have one was all so good we want to come back some time! If and when we do return we will certainly use your services.

Thanks again for your very courteous and professional tour delivery. (we are telling all our friends how good you all are)

Happy new year.

Jim and Andree C.

Linda M. & Deena C. – Atlanta, USA

February 09, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul Hotel and Tour Package

Rina, Our trip was truly wonderful and we will never forget the people or the country. We both suffered a form of home sickness when the Pope’s visit was on the evening news here. We both want to come back and see more of Turkey.

We have told our friends that love to travel that Turkey is a must….and, that our trip was such a success because we had the care of Suleyman in Istanbul and that our trip to Ephesus went very smoothly with the arrangements that you made for us.

We both felt that we got to see a little more of everyday Istanbul than other tourists saw because of Suleyman. Each day was an adventure and we especially enjoyed those times when we felt that we were a little off the beaten path. We will truly remember this trip forever…but hope that it is not our last trip to Turkey.

Again, thank you for your help to us.

Jennifer C. – Germany

March 24, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

I had a great vacation here in Turkey! Thank you for a lovely time. I really like your company and the people you associate with. Everyone treated me wonderfully...especially the man who picked me up in Denizli and took me to Pamukkale -- he was as nice as my grandpa! I hope to actually send him a thank you...would that be possible through your office?

I am just at the Istanbul bus station waiting for my bus to Sofia at 9am.
Thanks again - I hope to come back to Turkey next year!


Donna and John L. – Republic of Hungary

May 01, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul Hotel and Tour Package

Dear Rina,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you sooooooo much for setting up such a wonderful trip for us. We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our time in Istanbul. It turned out to be beyond our wildest expectations. Our guide (Murat) and driver (Nihat) went way beyond their duties. We hope to return to Turkey sometime in the future and you can be assured you will hear from us then!

Again, many thanks!
Donna L.

Rina, with only four of us one day, and two the next, it was not like a tour. It was more like having our best friends take us around Istanbul. Except my friends would not be that knowledgeable, nor drive so well! Murat was an outstanding guide. He saw to our needs, even before we knew we had any! Nihat is probably the most professional driver I have ridden with. We were not friends when the tour started, but we certainly we were after only two days. Tours have been anathema to me, but not anymore, if they can be like this one.
With this kind of service the hotel is anticlimactic. Well located, a view to the Sea of Marmara, and excellent staff made it a very good choice.
Our thanks to you, Murat and Nihat for making this trip one of our most memorable.
John L.

Jeane & Gerhard B. – Doha, Qatar

May 06, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Tour

Morning Rina,
We have enjoyed the trip tremendously and for the bigger part as a direct result of your good organization. Everything went so smooth and we were picked up on time and everything was just perfect. You have a beautiful country and as I said we've enjoyed it very much.

Thanking you a million times for a good experience, regards.
Jeane B.

Linda M. – Virginia, USA

May 07, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Anatolia Tour

Dear Rina,
All over Turkey we met really nice people who were willing to help us whenever we had any problems.

I do have a few comments:

Very very good:
Suleyman, our guide in Istanbul, was outstanding.
Pinar, our guide in Cappadocia, equally was outstanding.
We liked the guide in Ankara also but I can't say enough good about Suleyman and Pinar.

Gamirasu is, as I am sure you are aware, a wonderful place to stay.

The Rumi in Konya turned out to be quite a nice place to stay, even though for only one night, and we would recommend it to anyone going there. Also the people in reception were great.

We also liked the Sultanhan in Istanbul very much. The location is great and the decor in the hotel wonderful. I found the people there very nice and when I complained about how hot the room was, the owner of the hotel went out and bought a fan for us. Very very nice.

If there is anything you could do to provide either city maps, or directions to the hotels, on your site, for clients who are driving, it would be an invaluable help. Otherwise driving in Turkey turned out to be quite easy, and we able to find help when we needed it.

I thought the trip was wonderful overall, and the arrangements you made for us very good. I would be happy to recommend your services to friends, and would also be very happy to return to Turkey for another visit.
Thanks again,
Linda M.

Amy S. – Wisconsin, USA

May 15, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul Tours

Hi Rina,
The trip to Istanbul was fabulous. The Byzantine and Ottoman Relics tour was very nice. The tour guides and drivers were very professional.

The Dolmabahce Palace and Two Continents tour was a lot of fun. I can't remember their names but the driver and the tour guide were awesome. It happened to be Labor Day in Istanbul the day of that tour and we couldn't get through some streets due to the expected protests. The tour guide adjusted our schedule a bit so we could fit everything in after being stuck in traffic for such a long time.

The whole experience was great. I would recommend Insight Travel to anyone who is considering visiting Turkey. The guides are very knowledgeable and are fun to be with.

Thank you for all of your help... I really appreciate it.

Rikki B. – Tennessee, USA

May 15, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Anatolia Tour with Blue Cruise

The trip was amazing. There were some tense moments just because we weren't sure how things 'worked" in Turkey. I'll give you a rundown of the best and the not so great...

The hotel is Cappadoccia was absolutely fantastic in every way. What a great place! What a cool location! What a terrific staff! and the food was top notch -- nothing like a five course meal with live music. We can't say enough positive about that place. Everything in Cappadocia ran like clockwork, too. Our escort was at the airport. Our guide was terrific. We didn't think too much of Ihlara Valley -- it was a long walk and not special. Everything else was amazing in Cappadoccia.

We were very nervous about our bus trip to Demre, especially the transition to the smaller bus. In retrospect, this is funny. Making the transfer was no problem. However, we didn't understand the fact that these little buses pick up folks all along, so when he started driving very, very slow, and honking his horn at everyone; and then pulled over and stopped and talked with a bunch of other drivers, we were concerned. Needlessly, of course; we just didn't know the drill.

We loved Selcuk and Ephesus. The staff at the hotel was very nice and the air conditioning worked. There as a huge street market while we were there which was a great bonus.

In retrospect, I think it would have been better to stay in Aydin one night before going to Selcuk in order to go to Aphrodisias (which we loved) and Hieropolis (which was brutal). That would eliminate the long car ride from Selcuk. Our guide for the private tour said that you used to be able to take a bus through Hieropolis but now you had to walk the whole way. And it was a long and brutal walk in the heat.

We were starting to drag at this point and the very late arrival at the IIion Hotel didn't help. After Hieropolis, I was dreading the Troy tour, but we had the most delightful guide of all and it was very enjoyable.

We were very impressed with the bus service in Turkey. The buses were all so clean as were their stopping places for breaks. Plus, the bus stewards! There's nothing like that in America. Except for the rough roads, it was better than flying.

Keep in mind that I am just telling you everything straight up. We loved our trip. It was quite a leap of faith for me to put it all in someone else's hands; especially with so many little bits and pieces to arrange. So many things could have gone wrong, and nothing did (unless you count that late pick up in Demre). I'm only giving you the little complaints so you know. The Turkish people were so nice. We had many wonderful interactions and no bad ones. The country was beautiful. The ruins impressive. We loved it.

I would recommend your services to anyone thinking about going to Turkey.

Thanks for everything.


Kim M.

May 18, 2007
Itinerary: Private and Group Tours in Antalya

Hi Rina,
I was very satisfied with everything you arranged for me, actually this was a best birthday gift I bought to myself, thanks to your help I had a perfect vacation.

Best Regards,
Kim Meng

Annette, George and Evan W. – Canada

May 22, 2007
Itinerary: Self-Drive Turkey Tour

Hi Rina!

My apologies. It's taken me a while to get back to you. I became deeply entrenched back into work on our return. It's not fair is it? Thankfully, every once in a while I get a flash memory of an incident or experience on our trip and the crisis of the moment melts away for a moment or two.

We totally loved our trip! Our hopes and expectations were more than surpassed. Turkey was an odd combination of familiar and exotic at the same time. Cappadocia had a sense of the prairie expanses; Traveling through the Tauraus mountains felt much the same as the Rockies. The Mediterranean reminded us of being at the lake. We came to the conclusion that there is no place like Istanbul! We loved being right in the middle of things at the Triada!

The things that evoked the exotic to us were the caves, the underground city, the ruins of Caunos, the mosques, palaces, the lemons, olives, fish (well, the food in general), the palm trees, the architecture, the historic sites and of course the people. Our province, Manitoba has the slogan 'Friendly Manitoba" and it's true. People here are generally very friendly and helpful. However, we've
come to describe Turkish people as 'Friendly Manitobans to the hundredth power!!".

A big reason we have such fond memories of Turkey is the advice and suggestions you provided to us. The itinerary was perfect. It gave us an opportunity to see and get a feel for a variety of regions without feeling rushed. This was important to us as we are not the hurrying type. We were happy with all of the cities/towns/villages we stayed in and would recommend them to others. The same goes for the accommodation you lined up for us. A couple were a bit difficult to find, but they were always worth the search and that's part of the adventure and a great catalyst for meeting people!

We gave you our impressions of the accommodations in Ayvali, Konya, Antalya and Kas when we met you. You know we loved the Gamirasu and that we have no hesitation recommending the others we stayed in. The hotel in Fethiye was great. We loved the balcony overlooking the harbour. Actually we had two of them. The hotel was very quiet. We may have been the only residents. There was some construction going on for improvements to the pool area which looks like they will be very nice. It was a nice walk to the town centre. My Fethiye highlight is that I could go for a run there. There was an excellent nd long path along the harbour which led to a wide road that has a sidewalk along both sides of the road. Flat and safe are the 2 criteria I look for and Fetiye was the only place that met them. George's Fetiye highlight is that he got caught up on his journal (because I was out running for once), and Evan's highlight is the trip we took on what we call "the road of terror". It was a classic! It's a 15 k loop road that took us repeatedly to great heights before quickly descending to a beach more beautiful than the last. The road was barely bigger than single lane, no guardrails and it was crumbling away on the side in a couple of spots. We stopped at a beach or two to catch our breath and gather strength for the next stretch and returned to the hotel as great heros!We did eventually find our destination which had been Kayakoy.

Our next stop was Dalyan and a stay at the Konak Melsa. The owner, Canser and her manager went beyond the call of duty. Canser spent the day with us showing us Caunos, where she grew up, taking us on a river boat ride to the hot springs. It was a beautiful sunny day. We had the hot springs to ourselves and I even jumped in the lake. It was cold. Once again we were the only guests in the hotel so we got a lot of attention. Caunos was amazing and the turtle beach was also impressive. We liked the river walk along the river in town. Dalyan met my running criteria, but I didn't go.

Then it was off to Istanbul and the Triada. As I mentioned, we loved the location and the hotel was very comfortable. We loved the stairway but took advantage of the elevator option too. The staff were friendly and helpful. The breakfast got a bit repetitive after several days. There was one morning we were surprised with croissant-type buns! This made a big impression on George who was convinced each morning after that the new buns would make another appearance. They didn't, but he remained hopeful! I learned in Turkey that the way to get George out of bed in the morning is to offer a buffet breakfast which
expires at 10!

There was renovation going on in the building next door which was bothersome during the day, but stopped by 5 or 6 p.m. We decided that something was being sculpted out of marble since it couldn't possibly take someone an average of 15 hits per nail! We plan to come back whenit is done so we can see what all the hammering resulted in!! It was nice having the kitchen facilities so we could make tea and store some yogurt and cheese etc. There is a new grocery store quite handy to the hotel. Evan practiced brewing Turkish coffee according to the
directions your friend with the restaurant along the road outside of Kas gave us. It was so easy to get around Istanbul from the Triada. I was glad we were on that end of Istiklal Caddesi and close to Taksim and the funicular. I also loved that we could go out of the hotel any time of the day or night and experience that steady stream of people! It was unbelievable! Evan and I had a hammam experience at Cemberlitas which was a unique experience that I'm glad I participated in.

We hope to return to Turkey again. We left many sights unseen to motivate us to return. I hope you have settled in to your new offices. I have been talking up Turkey as a destination and I hope to convince others to visit. Those that do, I will direct with great confidence to you. Thanks again for all your help in making this a memorable trip for us! We are very grateful!

Annette George & Evan!

Todd C. – Washington, USA

May 28, 2007
Itinerary: Private itinerary

Hi Rina,
Thank you again for your work in arranging an excellent trip to Turkey, especially with so little warning. We were especially happy with the driver you arranged, Mustafa Keles. He was very professional, and he has a great sense of humor. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks about who they can get to help with Turkey.
Todd C.

Steven and Fraida L. – New York, USA

May 31, 2007
Itinerary: Self-Drive Turkey tour

The entire trip was great. The Tan hotel in Istanbul was great location/upscale and a great way to end the trip.

We were watching the show "1000 places to see before you die" sort of by accident--flipping channels and they had a show on Konya and Cappadocia....they actually showed the hotel we stayed at and the actual room we were in (we were upgraded to bigger room) as well as some of the folks we met at the hotel. Amazing.

Overall, we want to thank you for your help on a master itinerary and setting up hotels, it really took a lot of the work out of the planning for me..........but there was still enough to keep me busy.

Turkey is a wonderful vacation spot, and we will work on our friends to visit there.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Tom and Erna J. – Vermont, USA

May 31, 2007
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

It was a wonderful trip. Both our driver and guide were excellent. We wish every trip could be as relaxed and enjoyable. One reason we frequently travel on our own is the pacing. We do not need to see everything. It is nice to remember what you have seen.

Thank you again,
Cheers, Tom & Erna

Eileen P.

June 11, 2007
Itinerary: Private Ephesus Shore Excursion

Rina, the tour guide for Kusadasi was wonderful. Sevim was knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone appreciated her professionalism.

Eileen P.

Richard A.

June 11, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul Package

We just got home yesterday and the trip was absolutely perfect! Thank you very much for everything. Erol was an incredible guide. We enjoyed him very much. If you need a reference let us know
Thank you very much.

Jeff M. – Iowa, USA

June 11, 2007
Itinerary: Private Gulet Cruise

We had a terrific time on the whole trip and especially with Capt. Mustafa. All the arrangements from pickup at the airport to the quality of the hotels worked perfectly. The hotel locations were wonderful and let us explore both Istanbul and around Antalya very easily. The boat trip was also perfect from easily meeting up with the Capt., to the places we visited, the great lunch (the best we had on the trip) and the swimming. Overall we had a wonderful time and are very grateful to you for the arrangements. We would absolutely tour with you again, recommend your group to anyone and encourage them to spend a day on the boat. Turkey is a great country, with many beautiful sites both in the cities and outside and kind, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people. We are telling all of our friends to go. Thank you again for your efforts on our behalf.



I attached a picture of all of us at Lara Falls (except missing one son!)



Marina B. – IL, USA

June 11, 2007
Itinerary: Small Group Tours in Istanbul

Dear Rina, we just got back yesterday. We cannot thank you enough for helping us experience Istanbul. Suleyman was beyond expectations; knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and all-around a delight. We enjoyed very much the time we spent with him and only wished we could have spend more. He made our trip a real treat. Thank you again. We will recommend your agency to all our friends. Best regards, Marina and friends

Wendy and Rod D. – New Zeland

June 12, 2007
Itinerary: Gallipoli and Troy Tour

Greetings Rina,
We appreciated the professionalism of your team and everything went very well for us in Turkey. We will want to return and will be contacting you to organise hotels, transfers, tours etc as it made our life so much easier.

Thanks again.
Wendy and Rod D.
Rotorua, NZ

Irene and Steven N. – Sydney, Australia

June 13, 2007
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

Dear Rina,
I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for the way you organised our recent trip to Turkey. We loved every moment of it.

Both the guide and driver were excellent. We had heard from friends that Turkish drivers were a bit scary, but our driver (Necdet) was the nicest, most considerate man, who also happened to be one of the safest drivers we have ever experienced. He was the ultimate professional. Pinar was a very professional and mature young woman who handled every situation with ease.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, and have already told our friends about your company.

I wish you continuing success with your business. Maybe one day you will travel to Australia. If you so, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards,

John and Barbara T. – Virginia, USA

June 14, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Tour

Dear Rina,
We are back home after a very stimulating and happy trip. We will definitely recommend Insight Travel to others traveling to Turkey. All arrangements were flawless and all services prompt and friendly. All guides were good. Erol in Istanbul added an exceptional capacity to compare with other cultures and to adapt his presentation to such knowledge and interests as we brought. Emek in Ephesus and Pinar in Cappadocia were also wonderful.

In all, our tour was a delight. Thank you for your own efforts and involvement.


Mark D. – England

June 14, 2007
Itinerary: Private Istanbul Tours

Dear Rina,
I can honestly say from all of our party that we had a thoroughly enjoyable time and felt we saw all we wanted or could! Your organisation and services provided were excellent and we would certainly recommend you. Kutay was an excellent guide and certainly knows his stuff. I hope that he found us an attentive and interested group.

Best regards, Mark

Sunil S. – India

June 15, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Tour

Dear Rina
Had a great tour.
Good weather , fine guides, Triada in Taksim , just right for me.

Caroline J. – London, UK

June 27, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul Package

Hi Rina,
Just got back from our holidays - thanks to you and your lovely staff - Kutay and Hazim - both were lovely and myself and my parents really enjoyed our tour and time in Turkey thanks to them! Won't hesitate to recommend your company to others!
Kind regards,

Dawn H. – San Francisco, USA

June 28, 2007
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

We had a fabulous time. We were well paired with Tom and Erna. The guides and driver were wonderful. Turkey was fun. Istanbul is cleaner than any American city.

Cindy M. – USA

June 30, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul Tours

We just got to our destination in to the states yesterday. Our trip was really nice, we enjoyed the cruise. All was nice and smooth until we hit the states. We got stuck in Boston for 2 days due to really nasty weather all over.

Thank you once again for arranging such a nice time for us in Istanbul. The people at the hotel were very nice and helpful, we loved our Turkish evening (one of the highlights of the trip for Tyler), and Suleyman was a wonderful guide.

I always know when you arrange something it will be great. It is so nice to have someone you can rely on to make a trip extra special. I look forward to my next visit with you in Turkey.

Thank you so much for everything! We'll keep sending you business!


Bonnie F.

July 01, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul Tours

The visit to Istanbul was truly wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. All of my party has been raving about how great our tours through Insight travel were. Suleyman was excellent. Bonnie

James C. – Miami, USA

July 01, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Tour

Everything handled directly by your company was first rate (transfers, small group tours, etc.). Suleyman and your drivers are the best! Suleyman is especially knowledgeable and informative in a low-key manner. Istanbul has taken over first place in my personal must-see list from Kyoto, Japan.
Thanks for putting together our arrangements in Turkey.
James C.

Karen T. and family – Tokyo, Japan

July 06, 2007
Itinerary: Private Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,karen-t-2
Thanks for organizing one of our best trips ever. Turkey is a wonderfully rich country in terms of the culture, traditions and history and I felt like you planned the perfect itinerary for our family (and on incredibly short notice to boot).

Every detail was well orchestrated and we never had to think about what we were doing next or where we were going. Suleyman was a fantastic guide and host in Istanbul. Pinar and Mustafa, our guide and driver became trusted friends and companions during our ten days in western Turkey – they were simply phenomenal.

We had favorites everyday and everywhere – The Gamirasu Cave Hotel; Mustafa, our gullet captain and assistant who spoiled us with a lazy day of swimming and one of the best meals ever; Pinar and Mustafa’s incredible flexibility in adapting the itinerary to deal with the heat-wave and take us to the gorge, river rafting and an exceptional meal cantilevered on a platform over the freezing cold river; I could go on and on…I guess the best I can do in a small amount of space is say that we couldn’t have been happier and we will certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to visit Turkey.

Again many thanks. Karen and Jack

Renee S.

July 07, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Just wanted to let you know I completed my most excellent holiday in Turkey. What a fabulous country! And the Turkish people compliment the beautiful country so nicely. Everyone was so gracious, kind, and forgiving.

Thanks so much for all the work you did for me. The trip execution and tours were amazing! Everything went off without a hitch. The tour guides (on the whole) were most knowledgeable and helpful.

Turkey is definitely on my "must do again" list. There's so much more to see!

Again, thanks for all your help.
Best regards, Renee

Merle S. – Sacramento, CA

July 16, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul, Antalya Hotels and Demre - Fethiye Blue Cruise

We could not have been happier with our trip. Unless of course – we could have stayed longer……

All of the vouchers – for hotel and flights – worked like a charm. There was not one problem and we thank you!

The Hotel Paloma was one of our favorite places. They gave us a great corner room with lots of windows – overlooking the courtyard. And we loved that courtyard! We sat out there at night (in our wet swimsuits) and played backgammon. It was beautiful.

We were very lucky on the gulet. We got the best room – the one that spans the entire boat and has portholes on both sides. So we had lots of space and air! Also – we had a fun group of people on the boat with us, so it was a great time.

I’m hoping that in the next year or two we can go back to Turkey and see some of the sights we missed this time.
Thanks for helping organize our trip!

Susan O. – California, USA

July 24, 2007
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

Hi Rina,

We had a wonderful tour and really didn't want it to end. we've all exchanged numbers and I have a feeling we'll keep in touch. Meeting you was one of the highlights for sure. Everyday was an adventure and Erol was great fun! I'll definitely be referring all my friends to your agency.

We've taken over 2k pictures and I'll forward you the link once I put them up on my web site when I get back to the states.

Thanks again for everything!

Barbara and John G. – Switzerland

July 24, 2007
Itinerary: Self-Drive

Dear Rina,
Indeed, we were very pleased with our trip and the ‘insightful’ arrangements you made for us. We were most happy to be in the small boutique hotels you recommended, since each had a certain charm (the roof restaurant and view from our top floor bay-window room in the Megara in Istanbul, the roof restaurant and pool at the Akay and the lovely pool/breakfast area at the Paloma). Most particularly, we came to realize that the old cities were lovely places to stay, whereas the beach towns are overdeveloped for our taste. We chose a more leisurely schedule and thus had to eliminate Hierapolis to allow enough time for Aphrodisias where we found the site and museum fascinating. We also probably mistakenly went out to Side and thus missed Perge, but spent a long time appreciating the statues from that site and school in the excellent Antalya museum. The boat tour you suggested next to Myra was lovely. I only wish we could have repeated the plunge into the beautiful azure sea on other days. We did spend a lot of money on food and wine (highly taxed!) since we sought restaurants with the best food and views. Yet, we had wonderful meals and beautiful experiences in those costly places, chosen with the help of my guide book and the hotel clerks. We had a rich marvelous time all around.
Thank you for your help.

With my best regards,

Tami and Jeff R. – California, USA

July 24, 2007
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

Hi Rina,
Jeff and I also enjoyed meeting you. We all had such a fantastic time on our trip to Turkey. We felt very fortunate and lucky to have such a great group of people to travel with. If it wasn't for Ryan and Susan and their youthful look at life, I doubt that Michelle and Jenny would have had such a good time. We also enjoyed Erol as our guide. He is such a knowledgeably person and so much fun to hang out with. Even the girls enjoyed Erol and his great sense of humor. I would definitely recommend Insight Travel to anyone of my friends who are interested in traveling to Turkey.

If we decide to travel back to Turkey on the future, you can count on us contacting you.

Tami and Jeff R.

Jack B. – New Mexico, USA

July 24, 2007
Itinerary: Small Group Istanbul Tours

Dear Rina —We can report that we were very pleased with our tours, guide, and driver. The guide and driver were very friendly and we enjoyed our time together as well as the sights of Istanbul. You have two satisfied customers!

With best wishes, Jack B.

Robert G. – Canada

July 26, 2007
Itinerary: Hotel Bookings

Hi Rina,

We did have a wonderful month in Turkey! The accommodations all worked out well. Cesmeli Konak in Safranbolu was very nice, Turkili in Amasra was so-so (basic, like you say on your website's description) and Angora House in Ankara was really excellent.

Thanks for your help.

Wendy L. – Tennessee, USA

July 31, 2007
Itinerary: Cappadocia Package in Gamirasu Hotel

Hi Rina,
We had a fantastic time and thought the tour was well organised and very interesting. Our guide was excellent – very knowledgeable and very friendly. The accommodation was also great.

Thanks very much

Flaurie I. – USA

July 31, 2007
Itinerary: Private Jewish Heritage Tour

Hi Rina,
Our guide was fabulous. We loved every minute with him. His knowledge and passion for Turkey in general and Jewish Heritage in particular were impressive. We learned a lot and will recommend him and your tour company to anyone we meet going to Turkey.
Thanks, Flaurie

Johan & Mavornene von R. – South Africa

August 01, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,

We want to thank you for a great 7 days we experienced on the Turkey leg of our holiday. The travel and tour arrangements went like clockwork without any problems. We really enjoyed our stay in Turkey and can highly recommend not only you and Insight Travel but also Turkey as a holiday destination. We did not expect the people to be so friendly and accommodating. Another great aspect I have to mention is the excellent customer service we experienced during our stay. Everybody went out of their way to make our stay enjoyable.

In closing, once again we would like to thank you personally for a memorable experience.

Best Regards,
Johan & Mavornene

Ann M. – Canada

August 01, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul and Ephesus Cruise Excursions

Dear Rina,
We all had a great time in Ephesus and Istanbul. The Tour Guides and the Services were excellent. Thank you very much for your help.

We will definitely come back to Turkey and we want to do a short term stay 4 to 5 days. I hope that I will be in contact with you again when the time do come up for us to do another tour in Turkey.

Best Regards,

Ann H. – USA

August 04, 2007
Itinerary: Private Istanbul tours

Hi Rina,
Thank you very much for everything. We had a wonderful time in Istanbul. The tour guides you sent us were very informative and interesting and we really enjoyed our time with them. Thanks also for accommodating my husband when he requested the bigger car. I hope to return to Istanbul in the future and would definitely use your services again.

Ameenah A. – Bangladesh

August 04, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
I must profusely thank you for the great trip you arranged for us. We have enjoyed every bit of it. The hotels were fantastic and the area you put us up. Old cities etc. Particularly Angora House, Gamirasu, La Paloma, Hotel Rumi the boys in Hotel Rumi were very friendly and warm.

We are still basking in the glorious days of Turkey tour. Thank you for making it so memorable.

Ameenah A.

Michael R. – New Zeland

August 07, 2007
Itinerary: Classic Western Turkey Tour

Kim, Erica and I had a great time. I don't think any of us thought it could have been a good as it was. I did not realize what I was going to see before we arrived in Turkey- too busy tidying up and finalising our lives in Ireland. Turkey amazed us with its diverse history and culture, both old and modern.

The tour group was good in that the bus was not completely full and there was space to move around. Having people of different nationalities and languages was also interesting and good for Erica - our 8 year old. The Spanish travellers made a big fuss of her and we made some lovely friends.

The 2 guides on the bus were very friendly and informative, and I believe they kept us informed and organised very effectively and efficiently. Both were very funny ladies- lot of fun and they really took Erica under their wing and made her feel so special.

The day trip around Istanbul was very informative and our guide was great. We had never done a bus tour trip like this before so were a little apprehensive- but it was great Rina.

We would not have missed the trip for the world- it will be one of the highlights of my life. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip.

Kind regards,
Mike R.

Jeff O. – California, USA

August 09, 2007
Itinerary: Hotel Bookings and Transfers

Turkey is a wonderful country and I am really glad I choose to visit. We had a fantastic time. All your reservations, arrangements and services you made for us were great and everything went flawlessly. The shuttles from the airports to lodging made all the traveling much more relaxing, knowing a ride was waiting. The bus trip from Secluk to Bodrum was easy to get and fun....Thank you so much for not only your services, but also your suggestions. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I come across going to Turkey.

Nancy M. – USA

August 15, 2007
Itinerary: Ephesus Shore Excursion

Hi Rina,
Everything went well. I would highly recommend using the Akay hotel for lunch after Ephesus anytime you are looking for a lunch spot. They served us a great Mediterranean lunch and let the kids use their pool for a few hours in the afternoon while the adults rug shopped. The House of the Virgin Mary and the Terrace houses were the highlight for most people! Thanks again.
My kids are now excited for Istanbul so I hope we will contact you again in the future!

Maria C. – Venezuela

August 15, 2007
Itinerary: Private Western Turkey Tour

Hello Rina,
Thanks a lot for everything for our trip to Turkey, it was wonderful. Mustapha, the driver, was superb, and we all had a great time.
Kind Regards,
Maria C.

Linda C. – Australia

August 16, 2007
Itinerary: Hotel Booking and Lesvos Ferry Ticket

Hi Rina,
Everything has gone just great - we had no problem with the ferry/bus
and onto Lesvos - we loved Ayvalik and the Tashkonak and Istanbul - we
will definitely return there and will contact you then!
Thanks for your help

David and Laura B. – New York, USA

August 17, 2007
Itinerary: Self-Drive and Hotel Bookings

Everything was really great. The itinerary was very well organized and paced just right. All three guides were excellent, very knowledgeable, professional and gracious. The hotels were very good and everyone treated us quite well, especially at the Canada. We loved the trip, definitely one of our best vacations ever. We were treated so warmly everywhere we went.
Thanks again for all of your excellent help. I will strongly recommend Insight to anyone I know who plans on going to Turkey.
David and Laura B.

Tanya H.

August 18, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,
Things went really well. The people were really nice and I was impressed that all of the tours, pick-ups and drop-offs went without a problem. I expected some missed connections but there weren't any at all.
The hotels were very nice and the people were so helpful.
Such a beautiful country. Thank you so much for all the time and planning that went into the trip. Absolutely wonderful!!!

Larry K.

August 20, 2007
Itinerary: Private Istanbul Tour

Thank you Rina,
We really enjoyed Istanbul. It was most interesting and memorable. Highly professional and well organized tour all around and we would recommend Insight to our friends. Thank you.

Rona R. – Philadelphia, USA

August 21, 2007
Itinerary: Hotel Booking in Kas

Our trip to Turkey was great and sending you an email was one of the things on my "To Do" list.

The Aqua Princess was great! I think we had the best room in the place, it was one the first floor of rooms. We had a sea view room and sitting on the balcony watching the boats pull in and out the harbor was indeed relaxing, spent a great deal of time reading, etc., on the balcony when there was shade.

Thank you for all your help. I will be sure to contact you again if we need any accommodations in Turkey.

Matt B. – UK

August 21, 2007
Itinerary: Gallipoli and Troy Tour

Hi Rina,
We all had an amazing time during the tour and found the guides to be excellent, especially the Gallipoli one. Will definitely be recommending yourself to any of our friends that are heading to Gallipoli.

Many thanks,

Elli F. – UK

August 21, 2007
Itinerary: Aegean and Med Hotel Booking, Gulet Cruise

Hi Rina,
Our trip to Greece and Turkey was amazing. It was such a great mix of culture, history, art, food, brilliant weather and the people are so beautiful. The highlight was definitely the Gulet cruise and I would recommend this to any person - the water was so clear and having the opportunity to anchor in deserted bays was breathtaking. We loved all the hotels that you arranged and our transfers went smoothly.

We would recommend anyone to travel to Greece and Turkey and will recommend Insight Travel to friends and family.
Thank you again
Elli F.

John and Penny S. – Abu Dhabi

August 24, 2007
Itinerary: Hotel Booking in Samos

Hi Rina,
Just saying a quick THANK YOU to you and all the others involved in the itinerary you set up for us going from Antalya to Athens.

Must admit the direct return from Izmir emphasized how much better it was to go direct rather than via Istanbul which we had to do on the outward flight.

Both hotels on Samos were good, although both Pen and I preferred Ino Village.

Also appreciated the turbo prop flight from Samos to Athens in that it allowed for a more scenic flight than the high flying jet option.

Once again thanks for all your work and everyone else's effort on our behalf. Look forward to using your services again.

John and Penny.

George L. – New Jersey, USA

September 15, 2007
Itinerary: Private Istanbul and Ephesus Tours

Rina - We had a wonderful time. Your guides in Istanbul and Ephesus were
both personable, knowledgeable, informative and very flexible. Thank you
very much for making our vacation so delightful! - George

Rika A. – UK

September 17, 2007
Itinerary: Assos Kervansaray Hotel

Hi we had an excellent stay in Assos, thank you very much for suggesting it. The hotel was lovely and I can recommend them to anyone who wants to have a nice relaxing holiday.
Thanks again

Amy M. – Missouri, USA

September 17, 2007
Itinerary: Private Istanbul Tour

Dear Rina,
We had an absolutely fantastic time! Our tour guide was the best. The tour was definitely the highlight of our stay in Istanbul! We had such a great time and I know that we are intending to post to TripAdvisor about how great it was.

Galina and Vladimir L. – New York, USA

September 23, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul Tours

Rina, our vacation was excellent and our first 3 days with your tours were absolutely memorable and unforgettable.
Your tour guides exceed my expectations. I even can't make comparison between Erol and Suleyman.

Thank you very much for fairy tale 3 days in Istanbul.
Sincerely Galina and Vladimir

Penny W. – USA

October 02, 2007
Itinerary: Hotel Bookings in Dalyan and Fethiye

Dear Rina,
We had a wonderful time in Turkey. All your arrangements worked perfectly. Please thank all your team for doing the re-arrangements because our flight was so late. It was wonderful to be picked up so smoothly and taken to Dalyan where we were really spoilt. I do hope we come back again. There is a lot more exploring that I would like to do. The sailing part of the holiday was also very successful. I'm not a great sailor and there was just enough wind to keep the men happy and plenty of sunshine for us to sunbathe! We found Turkey really welcoming, and loved everything about it.
Hope to be back very soon. Especially as we were assured that it can be equally warm in February and March and very beautiful with the spring flowers.
best wishes

Michael O. – Tennessee, USA

October 05, 2007
Itinerary: Shore Excursions in Athens and Ephesus

Rina, we had a nice tour of Athens and Corinth. We were able to escape some of the crowds. However, because of the slow-moving traffic, we didn't get to see everything. That was o.k. with the people on the tour. They thought they had seen what they needed to see. The process of cruising and getting off the ship for excursions can be very tiring. We were happy to get back to the ship. The lunch in Athens was very nice. The restaurant was a real jewel.

As for the excursion to Ephesus, it was the favorite excursion of everyone I took on the trip--and that includes all of the other excursions we took. We avoided all the crowds by going to St. John's first, then the museum, the carpet place and lunch, and then Ephesus. Again, lunch was a treat. Everyone really enjoyed eating outside. Both tour guides were a real hit. From every aspect, it was a perfect excursion.

Thank you so much for arranging the excursions. I hope we get to work together again in the future. Best wishes, Michael O.

Roger R. – New York, USA

October 14, 2007
Itinerary: Small Group Byzantine City Walls and Chora Tour

Rina - just a note to tell you how great our tour was- Suleyman was fantastic - kind, considerate, and very knowledgeable. And what a full day - I think it was almost 9 hours! The lunch we had in Eyup was among the best of the whole trip. We also really enjoyed spending the day with your other clients, Will & John - they were perfect travel companions.

Thanks again and best regards,
Roger and Joan

Robert C. – Northern Virginia, USA

October 15, 2007
Itinerary: Shore Excursion in Ephesus

The tour was amazing. Inan was such a wonderful guide. He was more than knowledgeable about the history, culture, etc. It was a very full, long day but we all agreed was the highlight of the trip.

Thank you so much for arranging this.
Robert C.

Ruth P. – Washington, USA

October 19, 2007
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

Hi Rina, I wanted to add, to my evaluation comments, that Pinar was very, very helpful to me. She took my hand and arm on most of the steep walks, and made it possible for me to go along. Also, the organization of the tour (your part, I think) was superb. Everything came off with out a single problem--the hotels were ready for us, the meals were all coordinated, arrivals and departures and folks to take us to the airport--superb. Thanks again for all that you and Pinar did to make our trip really good. Take Care, Ruth

John and Wil – Canada

October 19, 2007
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

Hello Rina:

Rina, the trip was absolutely fantastic, and quite frankly exceeded our expectations. Part of this of course had to do with the fact that Turkey is such a wonderful place to visit with famous sites, wonderful food, lovely friendly people and great weather. This trip was great because it gave us such a wide variety of experiences - beaches, ruins, mosques, museums, cities - so keep the agenda. I know that we were also lucky to travel with such great companions.

Here is some particular feedback. We both liked that everything ran so smoothly on this trip. Check in at the hotels, for example, was almost instantaneous which was sheer pleasure. Our driver Necdet was excellent, and we always felt confident with him behind the wheel. He was safe and comfortable to travel with. The places that we went to eat were awesome. I don't know who gets credit for that, but Pinar always handled the eating part of this trip with terrific skill and an ability to please. We greatly appreciated that in most restaurants we could order whatever we liked, that there was no skimping on food. And having a water cooler on the bus with chilled water readily available - and included in the trip - was a huge bonus.

Wil and I particularly enjoyed ourselves in Istanbul at the end of the trip. Hotel Sultan Zeynep was excellent. The day with Suleyman, on the other hand, exceeded our expectations once again. He was absolutely fantastic as a knowledgeable guide. He added items to the itinerary to take advantage of what was happening, and the restaurant he took us to was excellent. He is truly an outstanding guide.

I do want to mention that Pinar did add on a visit to her family is Izmir. This was truly wonderful of her, and a unique experience we couldn't of had without her. It was typical of her warm and generous personality.

Rina, our fabulous Turkey experience would not have been possible without you and Insight Travel and Pinar and Necdet, so a huge thank you to you all. Wil and I are definitely interested in visiting Turkey again some time in the future, probably eastern Turkey, or maybe in combo with Greece. Feel free to keep me up to date on what is happening with Insight Travel.

Regards from Canada
John and Wil

Wolgang F. – Vienna, Austria

October 19, 2007
Itinerary: Private Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
I already wanted to write to you and tell you how satisfied we were with this tour! In fact, everything worked very well. The hotels you chose were exactly what we were looking for (and I should add that especially Hotel Daphne in Istanbul is really recommended, perfect location, nice rooms, very friendly staff!, good value). The whole tour, however, would not have functioned so well without Mustafa who is not only an excellent and careful driver but really very experienced; he was also very helpful with my mother who cannot walk long distances and needs more time. I have been to Turkey several times but for my mother this was the first time, and she was really thrilled and very content due to the excellent organisation!
Thank you again!
Best regards

Margaret and Alfred T. – Malta

October 20, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,
Just to let you know that we had a great time in Turkey. The guides, tours and transport were superb. The hotels too were a good choice. We loved Akay hotel and the owner welcomed us warmly. Ayvalik was less personal but a great summer resort. Pity we were a bit off season. Canak hotel is a typical city hotel and a great location. Pity we had no time to enjoy Canakkale more. Golden Horn was beyond our expectation, superb location and stylish.

Overall, I was complemented for choosing your services. A week was too short. We hope to pay another visit soon and visit other parts of Turkey.
Many thanks,
Margaret& Alfred T. & friends

Nanette C. – Virginia, USA

October 20, 2007
Itinerary: Istanbul and Ephesus Shore Excursions

Hi Rina,
We thoroughly enjoyed the sites of Turkey and the tours. They both started off well greeting us as we got off the ship. The guides and drivers were pleasant, the vehicles were clean. Both got us back to the ship in time!

Billy was delightful and charming. I like how we sat on the floor of the mosque as he explained the customs. We had adequate time at the sites. I especially loved the Dolmabahce Palace and running into the President!

Our tour to Ephesus concentrated 100% on the sites and culture - not one shop - and we appreciated that. He was very knowledgeable and the sites were incredible. Ephesus was a highlight of our trip.

Thank you, Rina,

Gabriella C. – New York, USA

November 07, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
I can't find words to express the wonder and fascination of Turkey. I loved every single minute, and, as I recount our experience I'm amazed at how much we did and how very real and visceral the entire experience was. I haven't stopped reading and re-reading my guidebooks on Ephesus, Cappadocia, Istanbul, etc., etc. and I can't wait to return.

Thank you for arranging such an inspiring and dazzling experience!


Alison Y. – Ohio, USA

November 08, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina! Finally settled back into home and work after a wonderful time in Turkey! Everything smooth - guides great - sites spectacular (natch) - food delicious - hotels (esp. Charisma) were just right. There aren't enough superlatives! Thanks for all your planning and help - will definitely keep Insight in mind for my next Turkish adventure...;-) Regards, Alison

Deborah B. – Canada

November 10, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

The young man who toured with us in Istanbul - Suleyman - was very informative, answered our endless questions, and took us to a madrasah for lunch. Madrasahs don't always have a good reputation so it was interesting to see that this one was used for re-introducing some of the old art forms.
Birsen in Goreme-Urgup was also very good. The underground city was amazing. All the caves - the history - we even had a balloon ride. was so enjoyable.
The young woman in Ephesus was extremely good as well. Very knowledgeable and readily answered questions.
I had been looking forward to Greece for such a long time, but I must admit that Turkey was more enjoyable. The history, the vegetation, the archaeology, the weather, the people - all added up to a memorable time. thank you very much for your help in sorting us out and making recommendations as to where we should go and how and where to stay once we got there. The Nilya hotel in Selcuk was lovely - breakfast in the garden - such a joy to have warm weather for an extended period of time. thanks once again . take care. Deb

Barry L. – Tennessee, USA

November 19, 2007
Itinerary: Private Amasra, Safranbolu and Hattusas Tour

Dear Rina, We had a wonderful time. Thank you and Suleyman and Mustafa. Bernice, Barry and I all enjoyed the entire trip and really liked our three days with Insight Travel. It afforded us time to experience local people and small towns. With the larger group we did not have the same kind of experiences. Suleyman gave us one take on Turkish society and our other guide a slightly different view. They did ,though, agree on allot. It also was good too run into Suleyman in Istanbul. I only knew one person in 17 Million and we were having lunch at the same restaurant. I really liked the Hotel in Safranbolu and enjoyed having dinner with the Hotel owner and the Mayor in Hattusas. I made it home with the soup I bought in Yorukkoy and look forward to making it on a cold night. All in all it was a special trip. Thank you very much. Barry L.

Dianne and Neil I. – Australia

November 25, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
We had an amazing time in Turkey and all your plans ran perfectly. The Garden House Hotel was wonderful and the staff extremely helpful and went out of their way to assist us in any way possible.
The entire trip ran like clockwork and it is a credit to you, your organisation and staff. I'll be doing a glowing report on TripAdvisor about every aspect of our Turkey adventure. Many thanks again for all your assistance, patience and good humour along the way. Kindest regards to you, your family and all your staff and best wishes for the upcoming holiday period.
Di and Neil

Linda T. – California, USA

Dcember 03, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
We had a very good time in Turkey. It is a very interesting country in history and culture. Really enjoyed the food as well.
Thank you for organizing this tour for us. I will recommend your services to others.

Dr. Yong – Singapore

Dcember 15, 2007
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
My family was impressed with Turkey and your arrangements had helped to make the trip memorable.
We enjoyed Sultanahmet but was told by local friends that we should also spend sometime in Taksim as my young adult children would have enjoyed that area too. The other places we toured had interesting history, terrain and unusual sights to offer.
We had friendly and knowledgeable guides and met interesting fellow travellers in Cappadocia but in other tours we also had opportunity to enjoy the tour coach exclusively to ourselves.
We will certainly return a few more times to Turkey as we realise how much more there is to see and enjoy. Thank you and you and your family and staff have a peaceful and happy holiday.
Dr Yong