Larissa D. – Australia

Apr. 02, 2012
Itinerary: Private Tailored Western Turkey Tour

The two half day and one full day tours we took in Istanbul were all excellent and well organized and informative. As for Kemal, we were very happy with the time we spent together. He had a lovely personality and a great sense of humour, and is absolutely full of information on history etc and we learned so much from him. We could never have covered so many miles or learned so much had we been on our own or taken a coach tour. In summation I would have to say we were thrilled with everything you arranged and that it went like clockwork. I feel that the itinerary that we came to decide on was just perfect and that we really saw the best we could in the time allocated. I would heartily recommend your agency to anyone I know who requires travel arrangements in Turkey.
Larissa D.

Melinda A. – NC, USA

Apr. 16, 2012
Itinerary: Bosphorus Tour and Whirling Dervish

Loved all of it. The Dervishes were great and Bosphorus trip was also wonderful Thank you for all your help..

Nicky P. - South Africa
Apr. 13, 2012
Itinerary: 10-Day Classic Western Turkey Tour

Hello Rina
Well we are back and the memory of the holiday rapidly fading as reality and work take over!

Thanks for everything. It all worked out so well and nothing went wrong - thanks to you. An added bonus was having the Crystals from America with their children. Lauren is always the only child having to put up with just adults (not that she minds) but it was such a treat for her to have company and they got along very well. They were such nice children.
I also liked it that it was a small tour.

Thanks again for all the arrangements.


Joanna S. – Inner Wheel – Singapore

Apr. 17, 2012
Itinerary: Private Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
We all enjoyed the Turkish Night very much last night and will certainly encourage our friends to attend if they come here.

We sadly bade farewell to Arif today. Thank you very much for this extra day of touring on the Bosphorous! The ferry ride was very enjoyable and we had a wonderful seafood lunch at the restaurant Arif brought us to. Arif is a very good guide, very knowledgeable, speaks very good English and he's just a good person. All the group felt he did a very good job with us.

Finally I really love my room at Golden Horn! I only expected a standard room here and now I am very happy with the beautiful room I have! Thank you for everything!


Michael R. – Australia

Apr. 24, 2012
Itinerary: Private Gallipoli Tour

Hi Rina
Thanks for a great trip. Mustafa and the driver were fantastic.
The Imperial Ottoman hotel was a superb location!

Kind regards
Michael R

Joanna S. – Inner Wheel – Singapore

Apr. 25, 2012
Itinerary: Private Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
You are very welcome! You are the best travel agent I have ever come a across!

Everyone kept saying how much they enjoyed the tour and how well balanced the itinerary was.

I will recommend Insight Travel strongly to anyone who mentions they are going to Turkey!


Lucia G. – Inner Wheel – Singapore

Apr. 25, 2012
Itinerary: Private Western Turkey Tour

We had a great time Rina, thanks to your meticulous planning.

Glad you like the shawl Joanna bought. Hope it'll bring back memories of our group whenever you put it on.

I brought back the Turkish Delights but most said it is too sweet, just like the Turkish who are so warm, so sweet and hospitable.We had pictures taken with the waiters, students as well as the shopkeepers.

Arif was a great guide. He brought us back to history class and we enjoyed it. My husband said he's going to the library to borrow books on that.Please convey out gratitude to him.

The stay at the cave-converted hotel was a new experience.
Warmest regards


Terry W. – PA, USA

Apr. 29, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,

Just want you to know how much I enjoyed our trip to Turkey. The hotels you selected were convenient, clean, comfortable. I especially liked the Rast hotel in Istanbul, for it was centrally located and the staff was cheerful, helpful and considerate. The Gamirasu was far beyond our expectations.

Our guide, Kemal, was cheerful, knowledgeable and considerate. He seemed to know exactly when we needed a bathroom break and a stop for a photo shoot. I felt the pride he had in his country and began to admire the culture of
Turkey. He was absolutely exceptional.

Our driver, Ali, was very professional, an expert driver. I don't know how he maneuvered through those tight, narrow streets.

Thank you for accommodating me and my luggage problem. I am very grateful that the van was able to pick me up at the customs cargo building instead of at the Rast on the way to Troy. It gave me the time I needed to retrieve my luggage.

Thank you for arranging a trip I will remember and talk about for years to come.

Terry W.

Agnes A. – PA, USA

Apr. 30, 2012 Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour It was wonderful, Rina. Thanks. I thought Kemal was an excellent guide and your driver Ali was great. We did not have to worry about being picked up to or from the airport. Everything was well organized. The size of the group was perfect. Would recommend you to anyone who wants to hear from your clients. Agnes

Paul M. – WI, USA

May 02, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Thanks for asking. Great trip! We had a great time. Lovely country, lovely people, learned a lot by taking this trip.

I was thinking about sending you a more detailed note about pluses and minuses (not many!). When I get a chance.

Paul M.

Dede K. – CA, USA

May 06, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
We are back in California and had a fantastic trip.......many thanks for taking care of every single detail...I have never had a trip go so smoothly with the exception of my luggage being lost on the way home. But, that had nothing to do with you.

We enjoyed all the hotels, had great service, the guides were wonderful and it was amazing how there was always someone at all stops to pick us up or deliver us....The bus rides were long, but you had prepared us for that which we appreciated....I told Kraig that on those buses where no one spoke Eng., the attendants just knew what to do with us. I felt like we were children whose parents arranged for the flight attendants to watch over us. Thank you so much.

We fell in love with Turkey and will definitely recommend the trip and Insight Travel to our friends.

Much thanks and appreciation for helping the make this one of the most memorable trips of my life.

Dede K.

Maarten and Hilary M. – South Africa

May 12, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
We got back to South Africa yesterday and are still settling in and catching up on e-mails.

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip - everything went smoothly, the company was good and the guide (Kemal) excellent. All the places we toured were fascinating. Only- the 2 Turkish airlines flights, in and out of the country, were delayed by about an hour each, and we found the food, though most plentiful, rather monotonous (e.g.Lentil soup, kebab and aubergine).
Congratulations on a very well-run organisation.

Best wishes,
Maarten and Hilary

Janet R. and Jennie M. – Australia

May 21, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,

Yes, we are back in London and had a wonderful time on the tour. Kemal and Ali were wonderful hosts and really added to our enjoyment.

Thanks for everything

Janet and Jennie

Nina C. – Australia

May 25, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Dear Rina, I had a wonderful time on the group tour, thoroughly enjoyed the programme. I found Kemal the best guide I could have have hoped for, knowledgeable & enthusiastic as well as humorous & thoughtful. We all felt very safe with Ali, our friendly driver. Altogether the holiday was for me a great success, even though Mollie was unable to go.

Best wishes, Nina

Brian D. – Australia

May 31, 2012
Itinerary: Golden Horn Tour - Istanbul

Dear Rina
We got home last Monday morning from our seven weeks overseas adventure to find your email among many others. I was intending to get back to you to report how much we enjoyed the Golden Horn Tour you organised for us.

Our guide, Gamze, was a delight. She was very knowledgeable and took a personal interest in each member of our small group. We enjoyed every aspect of the tour especially the Panorama 1453 Museum. This, and the subsequent drive along the ancient walls, addressed my special interest in this aspect of Turkish history. We would not hesitate to recommend this tour to other travellers.

Thanks again for all your help.


Ritu J. – USA

June 01, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Itinerary

Thank you for doing such a great job in arranging all the hotels, flights, transfers and tours. All the transfers were prompt, efficient and courteous. Will definitely use your services again if we return to Turkey. You are as good as all the reviews on TripAdvisor! Will post a review.
Thank you again for making our trip to Turkey stress free.


Fiona B. – South Africa

June 05, 2012
Itinerary: Perula Hotel Booking and Group Istanbul Tours

Hi Rina,
Thanks again for everything.
Hotel was wonderful and in an awesome position.
Txs again for everything.

Lloyd and Susan R

June 05, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Rina, The trip worked out just as we had hoped, so thank you for getting things organized. Best regards, Lloyd

Brent & Donna G. – Canada

June 10, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,
Arrived home yesterday after a great vacation. Thought we would share some feedback with you.

Turkey was the favourite part of our trip for both Donna and I (we also visited Vienna, Paris, Switzerland and Amsterdam)- we found that people were very friendly, we were a bit surprised at the degree to which English is widely spoken (I know that unilingual North Americans are very spoiled in this regard!), we loved the food, the hotels you booked for us were excellent (although the Kismet, which is in many ways the most beautiful and atmospheric of the places we stayed, struggles a bit with hot water in the mornings), Turkish Airlines was outstanding, Pegasus were fine as well, the local bus from Bergama to Canakkale was excellent and in general we simply had a good time wherever we went.

You did a great job in organizing an agenda that met all of our requests and exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you! Please feel free to use this comment, we would recommend your company to anyone who is interested in travelling to Turkey, and we are going to be telling a lot of people how much we loved your country.

Tesekkur ederim.

Brent & Donna

Margaret and Denis W. – Australia

June 10, 2012
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

Hi Rina,
Thanks for your email. As you may have gathered, we thoroughly enjoyed our tour around Turkey. It was a lovely group of people and as I am sure you have gathered, Arif was a great guide. He did seem a bit taken aback by the poem. On reflection, it should have ended " and so from the group we say, thanks for a great Turkish holiday", rather than from just Den and I. Everyone seemed to have as enjoyable time as we did.
When we get home and gather our thoughts, we shall contact you again, with any further comments.

Regards Margaret and Denis W.

poem-to-arif kas-dinner

Howard F. – VA, USA

June 13, 2012
Itinerary: Istanbul Hotel and Tour Package

Everything went perfectly, your arrangements could not have been any better. The planning and the execution of what you setup was outstanding. I would absolutely recommend you to everyone and would book my travel through you again very soon. Aside from everything going according to schedule, the most impressive aspect was the individual treatment that you and your company treated me to. Thank you very much for making my time in Turkey so pleasant of an experience.

Your recommendation of hiring the services of Ugur could not have been better. He is an outstanding guide, extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and he did a great job of helping us to see and go where we wanted. He really made the trip special for my father who wanted to visit the Navy bases where he was stationed so many years ago. He was able to facilitate my father speaking with many of the Turkish sailors who had a knowledge of the history of the bases and had spoken to other U.S. sailors who were there in the past as well. If there is any way that you can reward him with more business or any kind of recognition, it would be very deserving and well placed.

Thank you for taking the time to ask for feedback on the trip.


Frederick E. – Canada

June 13, 2012
Itinerary: Istanbul and Kusadasi Hotel - Tour Package

Yes, everything went well. We had a wonderful time. I am really glad I bought all of the transfers--it saved a lot of headaches.

The Golden Horn Sultanahmet was satisfactory.
Thanks for all your help.

Ananthakrishnan A. – MA, USA

June 16, 2012
Itinerary: Istanbul and Kusadasi Hotel - Tour Package

Rina, We left Istanbul on Thursday after a weeks holiday and I hasten to write this to thank you for the excellent program me you designed for us tailor made. In all the places your tour guides arrived in time and were extremely knowledgeable. The hotels were all excellent value and provided us with outstanding comfort. More than anything else I want to thank you for the personal interest you took in designing our tour programs keeping our interest in mind. It was first class. You may use this letter for any purpose you may need.

Ananthakrishnan A.

Valerie H. – Australia

June 18, 2012
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

I am finally back in Canberra after time in Prague and the UK. We both greatly enjoyed the tour. The organisation was superb as was the itinerary. Mostly the food was great – especially the evening in Kas. The family hosted lunch is a great concept but needs to be shortened – maybe just demonstrate a few dishes? Lovely people and great food. Arif and Ali were both great. A minor point re the last night. It was such a shame not to be able to enjoy such a lovely hotel – especially when getting up early for a balloon flight!

We are both happy to recommend you’re agency to others.

Best wishes
Val H.

Keith H. and Ruth G. – Australia

June 18, 2012
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

Hi Rina
Great pleasure to meet you and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour - Arif and Ali were great and we'd happily go with both of them again.

We are certainly keeping an active interest in the possibility of doing an Eastern Turkey tour - probably in 2014. While we won't be looking at starting to plan anything until at least March 2013, if you have someone who is also looking to organise an English speaking group tour in 2014 we would appreciate being kept informed.

Re feedback, I appreciate the considerable difficulties of accommodating potentially diverse interests and getting the balance right when putting an itinerary together when there is a lot to see.

For example, the time at Gallipoli (~ 1.5 hours) was fine for me as Australians receive yearly exposure to it at home (and of course a holiday), although I can imagine some Australians or New Zealanders may wish to spend longer there.

We are keen on museums and pleased that Arif managed to accommodate us to visit the archeological museum in Antalya. We believe it should be an optional extra on the tour.

We thought that the home cooked meal was great.

We'll certainly be recommending your company to any potential travellers we know.

Keith and Ruth

Diane and Ken J. – Australia

June 21, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

We did have a fantastic time in Istanbul and on the Highlights of Turkey tour (and in Uzbekistan). Turkey was as wonderful as we had been told and Kemal really helped us to understand the country better and learn so much history that we have come home eager to read more. We loved the Turkish food - and the Turkish coffee and apple tea. The hotels were fine and we especially enjoyed the beautiful courtyard in the Nilya Hotel in Selcuk.

We found the Historia Hotel excellent although they did forget to prepare us a breakfast box the morning we flew out to Tashkent.

Kemal was a patient and friendly guide; Ali was pleasant at all times as were the drivers who took us to and from the airport.
You were excellent to deal with, Rina. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of a very enriching holiday.

All good wishes
Diane and Ken J.

Frank B. – USA

June 22, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour


It was a wonderful trip and thanks to you for making it so. Also a big thanks to Dick for working with you on the arrangements. Everything was truly unbelievable: the food, the transportation, the guides, the hotels.

Thanks again and if the need comes up, I will certainly recommend you to other potential travelers as well as using you again if we decide to return to Turkey.

Frank B.

Richard K. – USA

June 23, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hello Rina, my comments on the trip echo Frank's. All the connections were so well coordinated and the site recommendations and hotels were great.

The Pasha Han hotel in Goreme with the rooms in a cave was fun.

All other hoteliers were very helpful and professional. The Ibis in Istanbul, not far from the airport, is a good recommendation for folks who are leaving early the next day.

Again, thanks Rina for your service. We will recommend you and Insight to friends bound for Turkey.

All the best, Dick K.

Sue and Emma F. – Australia

June 25, 2012
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

Hi Rina,
We arrived home this week from our travels. We had an absolutely fantastic time in Turkey, and hope to return to see more of the eastern half of the country.
I have never been a fan of organised group tours and have always travelled independently, but I found the small group scenario great. Our travel companions were a great bunch of people. The tour was so well organised, I know we would not have seen or learnt nearly as much, not to mention being as relaxed, if we had attempted to travel alone.

Ali did a great job of driving us around. He was always friendly and very obliging, and kept our bus perfectly clean. Arif was a fantastic guide, very personable, and he kept us all in order!! He has so much knowledge and was so willing to impart it to us. I also enjoyed his wit. I would not hesitate to recommend Insight Travel and your Grand Tour of Turkey to anyone.

We really enjoyed the traditional Turkish lunch we had cooked for us while we were in Kas. I think it was the standout meal of our entire trip, and I appreciate the hosts opening up their home to us. I know this was the first time you had offered this treat, and I think it would be good to continue such an opportunity. If I could make one suggestion though, Maybe more preparation could be done beforehand on future visits, and only one or two dishes demonstrated/cooked/with group participation. Not a big issue though. Any possibility of getting some recipes???????

Thank you for providing such a wonderful holiday experience.
Sue and Emma F.

Mariam H. – Pakistan

June 25, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina, I have been travelling myself so was unable to write earlier. I want to thank you for a very well planned holiday. The hotel selections were excellent and the guides were all very good. I think you will be hearing from a lot of my friends who wish to travel to Turkey!

Regards, Mariam H.

Mary F. – USA

June 27, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Hi Rina
Thank you so much for arranging such an amazing tour. Everything was wonderful. And I really appreciate that you could arrange another room for me.


Mary F.

Barb and D’Arcy W. – Canada

June 30, 2012
Itinerary: Istanbul Tours

Hello Rina – we are just home a few days from Greece and finally getting rested up from the long flight back!
Yes, thank you very much for checking with us – the tours were excellent! We enjoyed the half-day tour with the cruise of the Bosphorus so much that we extended for the afternoon. I just wish I could remember even half of what the guides told us. Both guides were very knowledgeable and personable – we enjoyed them as much as what we saw. We definitely want to come back to Istanbul and Turkey for a longer time period.
Again, thank you so very much for your assistance in making our time in Istanbul a very wonderful experience!

Barb and D’Arcy W.

Tina S. – USA

July 02, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

The trip was wonderful. Just a couple of thoughts re. further information to share with future "insiders" as Kamal called us!

Please, tell future travelers to secure the entrance visa to Turkey before, before, before standing in line at Passport Control. This was not clear to me and I waited in the Passport Control line only to be told that I had to purchase the visa first. I was not the only one who missed the visa section. So, long lines at Passport Control, only to be told to wait in the long lines at the Visa section to then again wait in the long lines at Passport Control. By the time I got to the luggage carousels, my flight was not posted and other flights had taken the carousels over and then I had one heck of a time finding my suitcase.

Also, please tell travelers that some of the hikes through the ruins are fairly strenuous and also that they should bring a swim suit - such a lovely pool at the cave hotel!

The accommodations were super and the food was terrific. Great job!

Tina S.

Christine & Bob F. – Australia

July 05, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Hello Rina
Sorry we haven’t been in contact earlier as we were still travelling up until 3 July and now recovering from jetlag!

We had the most wonderful time in Turkey – everything went smoothly thanks to all your arrangements – from pick-up at the airport on our arrival to transfer back to the airport on our last day. Kemal was inspirational with all his knowledge and the most delightful man as was our driver Necdet.

My only comment that may be construed to be a bit negative would be that Turks like very firm beds! (Not in all cases, but some).

We will certainly be recommending this tour to friends and family should they be travelling to Turkey.

Thanks again and very best regards
Christine & Bob F.

Becky B. and Randall S. – UT, USA

July 07, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina
Thanks for a great tour. Everything went very smoothly and the organisation was flawless. We particularly enjoyed the Bella and our Ephesus tour guide!
We will recommend Insight to our friends.
Once again thanks

Alan L.

Mila, Gloria and Maria N. – Canada

July 10, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,
Just want to say thank you for all your help with our recent trip. We loved Turkey – the country is beautiful, the people are warm and friendly, and the food is excellent (especially loved the grilled river trout). I had heard this from friends who had been to Turkey, and it so true.

The tour itself was a great success. Kemal is wonderful guide, knowledgable and engaging with a great sense of humour. Ali is an excellent driver and quite delightful – although we could not communicate very well, he was always smiling and ready to help. We are very grateful for both of them.

I have to say that two highlights for us were the Hotel Nilya in Selcuk and the Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Cappadoccia. Both were exceptional and we hope to be able to stay there again one day!

Finally, you are one of the best travel agents I have ever dealt with. You were on top of everything and although you were half a world away, I always received a prompt response no matter what I asked of you. You made everything so easy – thank you so much! We have already recommended you to a number of people and will continue to do so.

Mila, Gloria and Maria N.

Steven and Rocky – USA

July 12, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Private Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,
Funny that you just sent this to me. My body is on Turkey time and I couldn't sleep so I got up to write you a note..
We had a wonderful, magical vacation. Here are some of my thoughts, I'm sure Rocky will add some of her own as well.

Istanbul: Loved the Neorion Hotel. Really a wonderful boutique hotel with a great staff. Location couldn't be beat. Erol was a fantastic guide (my favorite). I saw on your web site that he was a teacher before he was a guide. He was intellectual with a very engaging manner and yet incredibly witty. He taught us a tremendous amount about the history and geography of your country. We hope to see him again if he travels to New York.

Cappadocia: Gamirasu was a magical hotel. The setting was out of a dream and the staff couldn't have been any more warm and helpful. They gave us the "Eagle's Nest room" which was huge and luxurious. Yunus was Rocky's favorite guide. He was also very knowledgeable about the region we were in but didn't teach in the same manner as Erol. He was incredibly warm and personal, often sharing details about his life and family. Occasionally I had trouble understanding his accent.

Kusadasi: Charisma was a very mixed experience. We loved the location right on the Aegean and the hotel was very luxurious but we found the beds very uncomfortable with very rough sheets. Sezgin was our least favorite guide. Although I'm sure he was knowledgeable he often would explain things to us in advance and have us walk around on our own. It didn't take away from our experience at Ephesus or Pamukkale which we loved. The last driver (Ismael?) was very warm and very, very helpful.

We cannot thank you enough. We loved your country and are telling all of our friends and family to go to Turkey (and to contact Rina)!
With warm regards,
Steven and Rocky

Ken J. – Australia

July 16, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Private and Group Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina, Well we are back home after a wonderful trip through Turkey. Thank you so much for putting this trip together for us, I know that it was far from a 'standard' trip, and it is a great credit to your organising skills that everything worked absolutely seamlessly.
All the hotels you chose for us where very good, with special praise going to The Erboy in Istanbul - outstanding value in excellent location. Spotless, great staff and very good reasonably priced food on the roof terrace. The hidden little pearl however was the Nilya Hotel in Selcuk. Lovely rooms built around a private courtyard, just lovely!
All of our guides where excellent, very knowledgeable and nothing too much trouble. The star has to be Arif in Istanbul, what a wonderful couple of days he gave us. A special mention also to Ismail our driver for the private part of our tour, what a lovely kind man.

Rina, I would have no hesitation in using your services again, and, indeed I have already passed your contact details to friends. If you feel that there are any forums that I can post a message on that would benefit you please let me know, I would be happy to.

Kind regards and again many thanks,

Ken J.

Irina L. – USA

July 18, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Rina, thank you very much for arranging this all. The trip was great! All guides were amazing. We loved Rana – the girl in Cappadocia that was out guide for 2 days.
In general Turkey absolutely exceeded our expectations, it is sad that Turkey is not viewed as a top vacation destination in the US.

Thank you again, Rina, I will highly recommend you to any of our friends that may be going to Turkey after hearing our stories!

Irina and Vlad L.

Ranjit M. – India

July 24, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,

Thank you for arranging an absolutely fabulous Honeymoon. All arrangements were spot on, with absolutely no problem.

The 2 days in Cappadocia was wonderful, as it was a personalised tour.
During the Ephesus tour, they very sweetly arranged for return transport post lunch, as we were in no state to visit the remaining places.

Overall, a good trip, and Turkey's definitely a place we want to visit again. Have put my pics on facebook, and a lot of friends are asking about the trip. Shall definitely send your contact to anyone who's interested in travelling.


Tom L. – IN, USA

Aug. 02, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Istanbul and Cappadocia Tour

We had a great time. Everything ran on time and the connections and arrangements all worked well without any problems.

We particularly enjoyed Cappadocia and spending time with Turan. He is very knowledgeable and we enjoyed his company. We also liked the two tour guides in Istanbul. Everyone was extremely warm and friendly. We never had any bad or problematic interactions with anyone. We were impressed by how friendly people were. Much more than what we are used to at home.

The only drawback was the heat. It made it slightly difficult to fully enjoy the tours during the hottest part of the day. The balloon ride was fabulous and worth getting up at 4am. While not part of the package you arranged, we fully enjoyed the cooking class we had at cooking Alaturka. We highly recommend that.

The hotel in Istanbul was great even though the room was relatively small. The staff was very nice and the breakfast more than ample. We were very happy to have been able to control the AC in our room. Interestingly, the local cab drivers could not find the hotel-even with GPS, we had to give them directions to get us back. This happened both times we took a cab home at night. We also took a cab north of Galata Tower to visit some of the local shops. We were looking for a specific street featured in our local newspaper. That cab driver also could not find where we wanted to go. We got out near where we thought we needed to be and Heather was able to use her map to get us there. The tour guides in Istanbul were very knowledgeable and both had very engaging personalities.

In Cappadocia, staying at the Hezen Cave hotel was a unique experience for us. It's a beautiful place and we were the only guests on the first day. The staff there was extremely friendly. The room was a bit warm for our taste since it lacked AC. We would have probably enjoyed the ability to have made the room cooler if possible. Nonetheless, the staff's friendliness made up for it. Wished they had a restaurant at the hotel itself. We were too tired to go out after the long days of touring and arrival. We went to see the Whirling Dervishes there upon recommendation-too pricey for the show we saw. We later saw them for free near the Hippodrome during Ramadan celebration.

When we travel, we prefer to immerse ourselves in the history and culture of the places we visit much more than things like shopping and sitting on a beach. We felt we accomplished this very well on our trip. Being there during Ramadan was actually quite exciting as we spent one late night at the Hippodrome which was a great experience. We never had a bad meal-some were better than others-particularly the ones we had in Cappadocia with Turin. The Galata tower show was good but not great-average food and an average type of show. Great scenery though.

Thanks very much for helping put our trip together. Definitely will recommend you to our friends and on Travel Advisor whenever I have time to do that.


Natasha M.

Aug. 03, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Istanbul and Aegean Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,

The tour was great! We like how the guides explained the history of the places so in detail. Drivers were so kind too. Food was great, especially the last one. We are very satisfied with your services and will definitely recommend Insight Tours to our friends and family when they visit Turkey. Thank you very much for arranging our tour! Hope you have a great evening!

Best regards,
Natasha M. and Family

Robert C. – USA

Aug. 05, 2012
Itinerary: Self-Drive with Hotel Bookings

Dear Rina,
We just got back to the U.S. early this morning, We had the time of our lives! Our best trip to Turkey yet!!

Thank you for all your help---the accommodations were wonderful. No complaints at all. It was great staying our last two nights at the Mediterra Art Hotel. There were no problems with the car rental and it proved again to be a great way to be spontaneous.

My girlfriend and I want to plan another trip for June---just the two of us this time! We will be working on our Turkish.

We all send our thanks. Oh, we did get to Buyukada and it was nice but now the Asian side of Istanbul goes all the way down the coast taking away some of the charm. Being in Turkey during Ramadan was also very nice.

Warm regards,
Robert C.

Robert A. – Australia

Aug. 22, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Many thanks for your email Rina.
We had a wonderful time. All contacts, connections, transfers went like clockwork. Very good feedback for you and very impressive. We rather enjoyed the various groups, tour guides and the connections. I think we enjoyed the eclectic nature of the trip rather than one where one is sitting on a same bus for nine days or so. The hotels worked well right through. The only advice we would add regards the last part of the trip when we travelled to Canakkale. Now knowing and appreciating the length of that bus journey, I would decide in future to take a second night at Kusadasi, and spend the extra day traveling to Canakkale, arriving sometime in the afternoon. The tour would then take pace the following day, thus adding an extra day to the whole tour. As it turned out, I was also able to join a tour of Troy in the morning before the Gallipoli tour commenced. That was a real bonus. This may be helpful if someone asks for a similar tour. Even if one were to fly from Kusadasi to Canakkale, I would still give an extra day for the travel. An extra night at the Charisma Hotel, Kusadasi would be a delight. I must also say the bus trip in itself was an experience worth doing.

Best wishes,
Robert A

Annemarie B.

Aug. 26, 2012
Itinerary: Ephesus and Pamukkale Tours

Dear Rina:
Rachel and I are just back from our private tour, so I just wanted to write to thank you for arranging a marvellous few days in Selcuk. We are delighted with the Nilya; and had a delicious dinner at the Bella hotel last night. Today's tour was a lot of fun, and we very much enjoyed meeting Tamer. I will be delighted to recommend you to anyone I know who is going to Turkey in the future.

Thanks again, and all the best,
Annemarie B.

Adam Z. – UK

Aug. 26, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,
Thanks for writing, I have just got back home.
I had a truly lovely holiday thank you, the tour guides were all truly excellent with good knowledge and good English, and the hotels all made me really feel at home.

In particular, the hotel in Canakkale was superb and they have done a really good job in making it a nice hotel with good service and good staff, I was only sorry I could only stay for one night.

Thank you very much for organising everything at such short notice, thank you also for your prompt replies to my emails and for sorting a brilliant holiday for me.

Kind regards
Adam Z.

Joanna B.

Sept. 01, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,
I am sorry it has been so long since the trip, but moving, planning a wedding, and the beginning of residency has been hectic! I just wanted to let you know that everything was wonderful during the trip.

Everyone was one time, friendly, helpful and the guides were great. A few highlights -- Our first guide in Cappadocia (the girl...can't recall her name off hand but can get it for you when I'm home if you don't have it recorded) was amazing. She went way way out of her way to make us comfortable and clearly cared above and beyond about us having the best experience possible. I also loved our hotel in Cappadocia. Sergio, the hotel owner, definitely made our stay.

Thank you so much for all your efforts. You truly created a perfect trip for us. Let me know if you have any specific questions. I will definitely recommend you to anyone planning a trip to Turkey!!!

Joanna B.

Giuseppe G. – Italy

Sept. 03, 2012
Itinerary: Hotel Bookings

Dear Rina,
The days in Turkey were very nice. The archaeological sites we visited very interesting (Troy, Assos, Pergamon, Sardis,..). And we liked also the towns where we have been. Concerning the hotels booked by you, everything worked perfectly. The hotel in Canakkale was nice and comfortable. The rooms of the hotel in Assos was a bit small, but altogether it was ok. The Mackerel Club in Foca was in a wonderful position with a nice beach, the room very comfortable and the stay there has been pleasant. Thank you. We will contact you the next time we will go to Turkey.

Best regards,
Giuseppe G.

Susan & David R. – Australia

Sept. 13, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Hello Rina, As you know, Kemal delivered us safely back to Istanbul yesterday.
We had a great trip & especially appreciated Kemal's exceptional knowledge of Turkey & the ancient world. We were also impressed by Ali's careful driving & his patience. Kemal was a real professional & everything went smoothly...
Thank you again for a terrific experience.

Susan & David R.

Geri S.

Sept. 19, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hello Rina - back safe and sound. Our time in Turkey was indeed a magical experience. The tour that you and Tracy planned for us was absolutely marvelous. Every step of the way was perfectly planned and exactly as laid out in the itinerary that you sent us. Each day was an incredible experience that I will NEVER forget. We felt so welcomed by everyone that we met. The hospitality at every hotel, the wonderful, knowledgeable guides, the drivers who came to pick us up and return us to our destinations - I just cannot say enough. I came home with a warm heart and many, many memories. We have made so many wonderful friends.

Thank you so very much.

Best Regards
Geri S.

Tracy B.

Sept. 20, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Good Morning Rina
I can't thank you enough for all the perfect planning you did for us - it made this the best vacation I have taken so far and probably I will ever take.
Turkey is such a beautiful country - everything from the people, food, landscape, and more - so much to offer. Every day we were so lucky to experience so much and so many memories to keep and share with others.
Thank you again for all of the work you did for us!! You are so very lucky to live in such a beautiful country.
Tracy B.

Cheryl C.

Sept. 20, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Thank you for making our trip such a memorable one. We had just the right amount of tour and free time to feel informed, get our bearings, and then we were comfortable to set out on our own. All the tour guides we had were outstanding--they made learning about your country interesting and fun. We had no delays. Our pickups were by friendly and helpful drivers. I would highly recommend Insight to anyone planning a trip to Turkey. Thank you again, Rina for all the work you put into our special time. It was awesome!!!!

Cheryl C.

Shachi A. – India

Sept. 21, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Istanbul and Cappadocia Tours

Hi Rina,
shachi-aWanted to thank you for the lovely tour you gave us. Everything worked out so smoothly from the time I got off at the airport. Frankly, I was very apprehensive, coming to a new country alone, I was scared what if your person is not waiting at the airport, but there he was all smiling and welcoming.

The hotel 'Asur' was fabulously located and we had a very comfortable stay there. The staff was very friendly and helped us all along. Every thing was walking distance from there, so we could roam around the city till late at night.

The Cappadocia tour turned out very well and our tour guide 'Medina' was very friendly and very well informed about the geography, culture and history of the region. The cave hotel 'Pashahan' was also very comfortable and well located. That night we went and saw the whirling dervish show which was absolutely mesmerizing. My only regret is that I did not do the balloon ride as it was coming out very expensive for us.

I have attached a photo of me and Smita in Cappadocia for you. I am the one in white.

I would like to thank you again, for the well organized and very professionally handled trip and am definitely going to recommend you to my friends.

Shachi A.

John Z. – USA

Sept. 24, 2012
Itinerary: Private Istanbul and Agean Turkey Tour

Good morning Rina. We are all safely home and pleased with the trip. All of your arrangements--and mine--came off as planned. Kemal was great and so were your drivers. The slowed-down itinerary with free days in Istanbul and Kusadasi was just right. Hotel Nilya and Villa Konak were excellent.

We will recommend Turkey and your agency to our friends.

John Z.

Bob and Sue M. – CO, USA

Sept. 24, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Bob and I were very impressed with the tour -- not just the places we visited, but with the organization, excellent guides, and drivers that made it easy to relax and enjoy the scenery. Hamide and Neca (Cappadocia - Pamukkale) were outstanding, as was Ashir in Ephesus. our organization was especially impressive given the flexibility people had to arrange their itinerary. We will certainly recommend you all to our friends thinking of visiting Turkey!

Bob and Sue M.

Arnold L. – USA

Sept. 28, 2012
Itinerary: Self-Drive

Dear Rina
Turkey trip was big success.
All your arrangements worked perfectly.
We found that just getting to Pamukkale was enough for the first day --no sites --the Pamuksu Hotel was very nice --a huge swimming pool was an unexpected pleasure. The staff there was fairly taciturn. The dinner was ok. Hieropolis of course.

The next day --to Fethiye ---with lengthy detour to Aphrodisias (we took the Tavas route to Fethiye which was most scenic and went to Aphrodisias from the west --the road was all torn up and under construction so the trip was difficult_ --then to Fethiye and the Kemal --which is certainly central and in the midst of the action --we liked the nearby market with the fish restaurants and found that short boat trips suited us fine --like to the beach at Calis--we also drove to Geremal beach.

Dalyan was very nice, river trip, turtle beach --Tezcan Hotel was a classy place with a good breakfast. We had the set menu dinner there (25 TL) --it was ok --much much better at the Hotel Bella in Selcuk. We could have happily spent another day there -the beach was really nice.

Selcuk and Ephesus-- hard work but good --Bella very nice friendly place---and no trouble getting to Izmir airport.

In retrospect, perhaps too much driving. I wonder if the $80 or so for dropping car at Dalaman and making the trip more or a one way drive would have been worth doing. By the way, we were so impressed by the roads --laid out so well, in such good condition, the with the cuts in the land done so artfully.

We saw a lot of Turkey we felt including, because we had a car, out of the way places, markets, little restaurants --had a very nice meal at a truck stop, met and talked to Turks, non-Turks, etc. We can well imagine, if we have the chance, further travel there.

We thank you very much for your services.

Elna F. – South Africa

Sept. 28, 2012
Itinerary: Full Day Bosphorus Tour with Dolmabahce

Hello Rina

I am in love.............with Istanbul!!! had the most fantastic time of my life and so did my friends. Günes is a vibrant, energetic tour guide and we are so pleased that we took the day trip on our very first day in Istanbul. By the time we got to the museums and mosques we had learnt so much already. We stayed at the Romantic Mansion Apartments and could not have been treated better had we stayed in a 5-star hotel.

So, needless to say, Istanbul will definitely be seeing me again. I need to see the Prince's Islands, for one, and feel the vibe on the streets once more. We were fed constantly and drank apple tea to our hearts' content. i shall never tire of that :-)

Thank you for quality service. I shall definitely recommend you to whomever should ask.

Keep well!

Fond regards


Jeannette and John O. – UK

Oct. 03, 2012
Itinerary: Grand Tour of Western Turkey

Dear Rina,

Jeannette & I had a great time in Turkey and thought Istanbul was a magnificent city. The organisation of the trip, the food and the places we stayed were spot on. The short ‘cooking course’ was a fantastic idea and an ideal break from more ruins. We will write a fuller feedback on our trip in the coming weeks.

… Second comment

Hi Rina,

Could you please pass our thanks to Hatice Cetinkaya for the fantastic food she prepared for us on our recent Grand Tour with Arif and Dursun. She must have worked so hard preparing everything and I know that we all enjoyed being in her home.

The food was all delicious and I can't wait to try her recipes, especially the courgette fritters. We did offer to help with the washing up but she would have none of it and I hope she was able to share the leftovers.

We really enjoyed the tour and also please pass our thanks to Arif and Dursun who made it so fantastic. Thanks to you too!

Best wishes,
Jeannette and John O.

Carolyn S. – NJ, USA

Oct. 04, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina
I would like to thank you for our wonderful vacation in Turkey. The hotels, tours, transfers, guides were excellent. I would highly recommend you, Rina, and would like to leave feedback on your website. Perhaps you could instruct me as to how to do this. I can read the feedback left my others, but I can't find a way to add feedback.

Again, thanks so much for your excellent planning and expertise.

Carolyn S.

Sarath W. – Australia

Oct. 05, 2012
Itinerary: Tailored Western Turkey Tour

Dear Rina
Thank you very much for your excellent arrangements. We had a wonderful time in Turkey. Hopefully, we will be planning to come to Istanbul next year. My friends at Istanbul University going to invite me to Istanbul. If it happens, I´ll contact you to arrange another tour to see some other interesting places of your country.

Kind Regards
Sarath W

Peter and Fran H. – UK

Oct. 08, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Dear Rina,
Just a brief note to thank you for a most enjoyable tour. It was extremely well organised and everything worked according to plan. We felt that Kemal was an excellent guide with an excellent knowledge of Turkish history and culture and, of course, his English is very fluent Please pass on our thanks to any of your colleagues at Insight who were involved in organising this most successful tour.

Kind regards,
Peter and Fran H.

Vincente T. – UK

Oct. 08, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Thank you for arranging a superb trip- just as I had envisioned/ hoped!
Turkey is indeed fascinating, fantastic, fabulous! The history and the legacy it left behind is indeed remarkable! Kemal was excellent, professional in all aspects and his knowledge of Turkish history is superb. Thank you for arranging such a knowledgeable , professional, and mature guide for us! The hotels, food, and transport were all superb. I will definitely recommend you to whoever wants to visit Turkey!

Jay N. – TX, USA

Oct. 08, 2012
Itinerary: 10-Day Classic Western Turkey Tour

Hi Rina,
We have returned to US after a nice trip to Turkey. We enjoyed seeing historic places, and meeting some wonderful persons on the tour. Our hotels, food (very good), and tours (guides) (very good) were good. Historia's location is good, but room (bathroom in particular) was not good.

You have done a fantastic job in arranging the tour at short notice and responding to all our emails and queries very promptly.

I can not thank you enough.

Jay N.

Janet S. – UK

Oct. 15, 2012
Itinerary: Highlights of Turkey Tour

Dear Rina

I am delighted I chose INSIGHT for my first visit to Turkey as arrangements were very professionally delivered and our small group had a simply wonderful adventure. Kemal is outstanding as a guide, delivering his in-depth knowledge with passion and humour and keeping us on track. His time management on our trip was superb and we benefited enormously from his experience and expertise. The whole group (from USA, UK and Asia) got on well and all agree Kemal was exceptional.

I have spoken highly of INSIGHT to my travel contacts in Hong Kong and hope that you will enjoy some future business - I too, would like to return and discover more of Turkey which is a wonderful travel destination.

Every good wish,

Debra M. – UK

Oct. 16, 2012
Itinerary: Istanbul Tours

Hi Rina,
Loving Istanbul very much!! Finding people to be very hospitable and friendly!

The tour was great, especially enjoyed the guide (goes by the name of Sunshine). She was our fav so far ever I think!!

I will definitely tell my friends at home to book tours through you when they come to Turkey. Do you manage tours to other places as well?

Thanks for everything, Debra M.