EphesusThe Aegean Region of Turkey has the highest concentration of ancient ruins in Turkey and there are sights in this region that should not be missed.

The Aegean region is bordered by the Marmara region in the North, Central Anatolia (Turkey) to the east, the Mediterranean area to the south and the Aegean Sea, for which it is named, to the east – it is the western part of Turkey (excluding Istanbul and Thrace) and was known as Asia Minor.

Ancient Aegean civilizations flourished in mainland Greece and the western Anatolian coasts from roughly 3000 – 1100 BC where navigation and trade brought riches to the area.

The ancient city of Troy is located in the northern Aegean area of Turkey and there are also other wonderful historical sites around this area such as Assos and Alexandria Troas.

In the hinterland of the Aegean are other off the beaten track sites such as Aizanoi, Yazilikaya and the Phrygian valleys which are visited on our small group tour Highlights of Aegean Turkey.

Pergamon AmphitheaterThe cities of the Seven Churches of Revelation are all located in the Aegean area of Turkey and may be visited in a Biblical tour.

Izmir is the largest city of the region and is a good base to visit Pergamon, Izmir city itself and Sardes, but Selcuk, Sirince and Kusadasi serve as a more convenient point for daily group or private tours to many places in the Aegean Region such as Ephesus, Pamukkale (Hierapolis), Leodikea, Aphrodisias, Miletus, Priene and Didyma.

You can get to the Aegean region from anywhere in Turkey of course but there are buses, planes and tours from Istanbul that get you to Izmir, Selcuk and Kusadasi. There are flights and buses from/to Cappadocia. You can also get to the Aegean region by ferry from Greece and there are ports in Ayvalik, Cesme, Kusadasi and Bodrum. Bodrum is also a place of interest in the Aegean Turkey and only 3 hrs from Kusadasi/Selcuk by bus. If you are taking a tour of Pamukkale keep in mind that you can continue to Fethiye by bus or tour (depending on season) or from Pamukkale you can continue to Antalya. Please do not hesitate to ask us about the best connections or add on tours to get you where you want to go!