Private tours can make a visit to Turkey a delight!      



A private tour of Turkey is a tour just for you or your own group of friends, family members, affiliates, university or special interest group, with no other passengers. We are experts at creating private tour itineraries for both individuals and larger groups.


Why should you choose us? Because we have experience, know our regions well and how to get you around in the most efficient way according to what you want to see and the time you have available. We have excellent guides, clean and comfortable non-smoking A/C vehicles with courteous drivers and can also take you off the beaten path to meet local people, enjoy regional cuisine and a glimpse into life in Turkey.
In addition you are buying direct with a local agency and no middlemen. Turkish travel agencies must be reliable and pay a considerable bond, form a corporation and are liable for default. The regulations for tour operators in Turkey are very strict and there are severe penalties if a tour is conducted without a professional guide or breaches the law in any way. Roads around tourist areas of interest are checked by both the traffic police and delegates from the guides association to make sure that high standards are adhered to.

The Cost: The cost of a private tour of Turkey depends on various factors – see the four categories below.

1.   How many people are in your group?
The more people in the group the less expensive the tour will be as the costs of transportation and professional guide are shared among the group.

2.   What type of hotels will be used?
The hotels used in your private tour are up to you. We work with many hotels in Turkey. In general, the cost of moderate and first class hotels (3-4 star and most boutique hotels) does not highly affect the price of the private tour, but if you go to the 5 star or luxury category, you will generally see a marked increase in the price of the tour. A double room in a good quality hotel can run roughly between 70 – 120 Euros, but if you are thinking of something better, you will pay 200 Euros and up for the night. Prices especially for Istanbul luxury hotels can be much higher.

When requesting a private tour it is very important for us to know what you would expect to pay for your accommodation and also what facilities you need the hotel to have. All the hotels we work with have private toilet and shower or bathtub, heating, 24-hr hot water and air-conditioning (except stone/cave hotels in Cappadocia a/c is not needed). Smoking is no longer allowed in indoor spaces in Turkey so technically all hotel rooms should be smoke-free. 

We offer a wide range of boutique hotel accommodation and suggest that you try it. Why come all this way to stay in a standard chain hotel when Turkey has so many sweet boutique properties to offer?  By staying in accommodations that are family run, you help in bringing money directly to the local economy. If you travel in the region, we recommend a stay in one of  the cave or volcanic stone hotels in Cappadocia, which are not to be missed.

3.   What is going to be included?
Hotels: You should decide what you want to have included in your tour. If you prefer to book your own hotels, keep in mind that most hotels offer discounts or commission to the travel agency. The profit gained by the agency making your hotel bookings, adds up to savings for you, because when combined in a package the profit margin of the tour itself will be lowered.

Meals: What meals would you like to be included in your private tour of Turkey?  Nearly all hotels in Turkey include breakfast in the price and some also include dinner. Lunches are mostly taken in local restaurants during your tour and if you include your lunches, then you are normally presented with a variety of choices but cannot order a la carte. If you have children who may or may not eat a full portion, it can make sense and save you money not to include the lunches in your private tour. Or if you are interested in Turkish cuisine and would like to try restaurants that offer more regional specialties, then you will also want to pay for your own lunches. What about dinner? If your hotel is centrally located and dinner not included, it is fairly easy to go out on your own. In Istanbul, not many of the hotels offer dinner, as there are so many restaurants within walking distance. 

Guide: On private tours we must provide you with a professional guide and cannot give you a driver alone, as the laws oblige us to provide a guide for visitors who are going to ancient sites and attractions to visit. Official guide wages in Turkey are substantial and the guide is paid on three different wage scales. 1: Daily guide wage which is for guiding only during the day from home base. 2. Western Turkey (overland) 3. Eastern Turkey (overland). The first category is the cheapest and eastern Turkey is considerably more.

Fuel: Fuel in Turkey is among the most expensive in the world. If you want a totally flexible private tour itinerary fuel is not included and you pay as you go. If you would like a jaunt up a mountain road or detour down a valley it may cost extra. Because fuel is so expensive and guide wage lower for day tours vs. overland, the cheapest way to tour privately, especially for 2-3 people, is to fly between areas and have local guides.

Or if you do not worry about costs we can just tour you like a Sultan!!

Most private tours normally include the following: Transfers, domestic flights, accommodation, main entry fees, fuel, road tolls, ferry, some meals, professional guide either full time or during day tours, vehicle and driver (except walking tours). We cannot guarantee flight prices after the time of quotation unless we are provided with names as on passports and birthdates of people in the group.

Private tours do not include: International flights, some meals, drinks, tourist visas, tips to guide and driver and any personal expenses. 

4.  How will the private tour be conducted?
How the private tour is done depends upon what you want to see and the time you have, as well as your budget. The distances between the main areas of Turkey visited by most on their first trip are vast. Between each of the places: Istanbul, Ephesus and Cappadocia there is a ten hour or more drive. For this reason flying can make a lot of sense and can reduce your private tour costs, but if your group is larger, such as with families and groups of 10 people or more, overland touring is not so much more than flying. You can also combine both private and group touring. In general if a private tour is short and spans a long distance, it is overly expensive. Let’s say that you are a very small group who wants to go between Istanbul and Marmaris in just a few days. The guide and driver who accompany you also need to go back to Istanbul. In most cases the guide will fly back, and the driver will have a day to drive back, which seriously adds to the cost.

5.  What does a private tour in Turkey cost?
There are so many factors but let us start with the cost of group tours. If you take a Classic group Turkey tour or you take a tailored group Turkey tour, the cost is somewhere around 100 Euros per person per day in a double room. This does not apply to itineraries which are developed with more leisure time, gulet cruise or other special conditions. 

If you decide for a private tour, the cost will be more than this. If the group size is large enough then the cost of the private tour approaches group tour pricing.  

For only two people, tailored private tours are considerably less expensive than overland tours. Tailored means you have different guides and drivers available during the day to tour where you want to see. The rest of the time you have leisure time on your own. Prices can start from around 150 Euros per person per day sharing a double room, but if the tour is done overland you can expect to pay more than twice this much.

Insight Travel small group cultural tours with a maximum of ten passengers are also a good value if you are only a couple or small group. Normally the people traveling on Insight small group tours are of like mind and age bracket and get along well. In many cases new friendships are made.

All the group tours that you see on our website may be done privately and in addition we can offer special programs according to your needs and interests.