Features of tailored tours:

 We listen and provide for your Turkey travel needs    Buy only what you need   2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 Day Tours from Istanbul

Regional tours or special programs   Add leisure days at will    Get insights with Local Guides

Fit your budget   Fit your style    Lots of hotel choices

What is a Tailored Group Tour?

A tailor made or customized tour is a combination of daily group tour arrangements including entry fees, hotels, most meals and transportation put together in a package to suit your needs and time frame. A tailored tour is not a fully escorted tour and you will not be with the same guide or group of people during your journey. You may stay in the hotel category or hotel of your choice and may either fly or take an overnight bus to get between some long-distance destinations within Turkey. Tours and transfers may be conducted by Insight travel and/or reliable local partner agencies.

Tailored group Turkey tours are for every budget and are available year round. The price of a bespoke tour varies depending on length, season, mode of long-distance transportation and hotel category desired. Custom-made tours give you the freedom to choose where you go and what you see. You can take it easy for a few days in a seaside town in the middle of a tour, visit other destinations in Turkey, or continue to the Greek Islands from Kusadasi, Bodrum or Marmaris (spring/summer only).  You can combine both a land tour of Turkey with a Blue Cruise. The combinations are many!

The tours in this section may be done in reverse if desired or needed. If you do not require a hotel or tours in Istanbul you can start at another point and all prices are adjusted to only what you need.  

Is a Tailored Group Tour right for me?

If you are looking for a budget Turkey tour, but want a degree of comfort and to make good use of your time and are willing to use public transport in limited cases - a custom-fit tour could work for you. If you are the type of person who does not like escorted tours and wants to have evenings free or days of leisure - a tailored tour is for you. If you don't like standard 4-star group hotels and want something different we can help you choose hotels that fulfill your specific needs.

If your time is limited and you just want to touch on the major highlights, without having to spend a lot of time on the road, you can fly between most major cities of Turkey and enjoy customized city packages in the hotel of your choice.

What Kind of Transportation is on a Tailored Tour?

The type of transportation used for the tours and transfers is always non-smoking in air-conditioned vehicle. Depending upon the group size it can be a car, a mini bus (14 seats), a midi bus (25 – 30 seats) or even a coach (40 or more seats).  Since the itinraries consist in most cases of daily tours in each area you may use long distance or overnight coaches. Coach buses are the main method of long-distance transportation within Turkey. The convenient network of bus routes and good roads in most of Turkey make the journey a good choice for budget travelers. Coaches are modern Mercedes or similar types that are also used for touring in Europe. The vehicles are equipped with reclining seats, air-conditioning and heating, television and music. You will be offered water, cool or hot drinks, and sometimes a snack on the overnight coach. Coaches stop approximately every 3-4 hours for 15 or 30-minute (meal) breaks, where you will find a restaurant, snack bar, convenience shop, teahouse and most often clean toilet facilities. You will need small change for the public toilets. Many bus companies offer a free shuttle service from the main bus station to the center or various districts of a town after your arrival. For shorter distances you may use a mini or midi-bus (Dolmus).

Domestic Flights are also a great way to get around turkey and there are a lot of flight choices now with Turkish Airlines, Onur Air, Atlasjet, Pegasus and Sky Air. When we plan your itinerary we look for the cheapest flight possibilities for you that will work for your tour.

How many people and who will be on the tour?

The number of people on the tour will vary from day to day. There may be as few as two passengers or as many as a coach can carry. Daily tours are conducted in English only with professional English speaking certified guide but you will be with groups of different people from around the world and of different ages.

Will there be shopping on the tour?

Shopping may be included in any part of the tailored group tour itinerary as many people are interested in buying arts and crafts from Turkey and also seeing where and how they are made. A visit to a weaving center or pottery maker in an underground cave in Cappadocia is a fun experience for example. As you will be on a group tour it is sometimes difficult to make other arrangements for those who are not interested, but please, if you are not – tell your guide at the start of your tour.

What is a Tailored Private Tour?

If you are particularly interested in a specific area or ancient site, you can upgrade to a private tour on any day of your trip. Private tours include but are not limited to daily tour arrangements. Private tours may be fully-escorted, or semi-escorted (chauffeur and local guides at the sites), and they may or may not include: professional guide, fuel, entry fees, lunches or other meals etc., depending on your wishes. After consulting with you about your needs, preferences, time and budget limitations, we set about to make your visit of Turkey one to remember!

What is a Fly-Drive?

A fly-drive tour or "Self-drive" is similar to a private tour, because you choose your route, hotels and destinations. The entire tour is done on your own with a rented vehicle, but you have the comfort of knowing that the hotel of your choice is reserved and waiting for you at the end of the day. We help you with your itinerary and advise you on distances, time between cities and what to see. Our valuable information will help you make the most of your adventure, without spoiling its spontaneity.